Strategic Messaging
Using the key messages identified during planning and development to craft a story for the project.  Once the story has been determined ensuring that all programmatic elements contribute toward the telling of the story and the project goals.

At OneSource Strategy we are strategic thinkers.  Our five strategic pillars the cornerstone to achieving on target projects for our clients time and time again.

A pretty event is...pretty.  An awesome video is... awesome.  A great meal is...great.  The real measure of success is how all the elements are brought together with an eye toward the strategic purpose of the project.

Before we design, before we create, and before we taste we roll up our sleeves and get to work on strategy.  We exist to ensure that each and every element of our projects contribute to the end goal.

Strategic Planning/Development
Process of asking the right questions to identify goals, key messages, themes, audience and measures of success.  This pillar lays the foundation for the entire project and gives us a laser focus on the end product.

Strategic Evaluation

Looking back to the goals and metrics of success as identified during strategic planning and asking for feedback.  Distilling the feedback into a set of actionable items for the future and allowing achievements to be celebrated.

Strategic Design
Brining the elements together to craft the experience.  Each decision is based on the themes identified in planning phase to ensure that the entire project is message, theme, and goal focused.


Relating to the identification of long-term or over all aims and interests and the means of achieving them.  Carefully designed or planned to serve a particular propose or advantage.


Strategic Implementation
The art of brining a concept to life.  From staging, AV and décor to guest experience and show management each piece of the puzzle is thoughtfully placed creating a unique masterpiece that moves and inspires.