For more than 10 years, Anglin Creative has served clients in higher education, not-for-profit, and corporate market segments.  Anglin Creative is known for creating on-target events that motivate and inspire audiences and leave attendees excited about what is next.  Anglin Creative creates stunning events, but there is more.

The market has changed.  Client needs have evolved.  In 2015, the team behind Anglin Creative dug deep, asked the difficult questions and came to a simple was time to re-in-vent.

Why OneSource Strategy?

In order to serve the ever changing needs of our clients we knew that it was time to evolve - we needed to focus on the core of the work we do.  So, who are we?  At the core of every project is strategy.  Each time we take on a new project, we work through a series of questions with our clients about the event they are launching.  We seek to not only know what the project is, but to understand how the project's success will be gauged.  

It is our goal to serve as the single source for our clients.  We take pride in being adaptable and able to build on our client internal strengths to create an unstoppable team - a partnership.  When we ask our clients what they seek most in a partner, the constant theme is an adaptable firm that offers a single-source solution.  This doesn't mean we supply every element of a project, but we have the resources necessary to achieve the project.

And so....OneSource Strategy was born.

The Five Strategic Pillars

Next we examined the work that we do and the process by which we do our work.  Each project we take on is as unique as the client.  However, each time we approach a project we use the same methods.  We have distilled these methods into five strategic pillars: strategic development, strategic messaging, strategic design, strategic implementation, and finally strategic evolution.  You can learn more about our strategic pillars HERE.

So what's next?

At OneSource Strategy we are committed to always evolving to meet the demands of the clients we serve.  We are committed to an ongoing evaluation process that will ensure we are not only meeting the current needs of our clients, but also anticipating future needs.  Our desire is to be the best possible partner for our client and a responsible  citizen in our community.

Meet Onesource strategy

Who is Onesource strategy?